Our knowledgebase provides a wealth of user guides, tutorials, support solutions, and troubleshooting guides to assist you in making the most of Briefcase for your business. Some popular links to look at are:

If you are new to Briefcase, we recommend going through our Briefcase Basics guide.

If things have gone astray, and you are unable to find the information required using our knowledgebase, you may log a support ticket to request a team member to assist with your enquiry.

When submitting a support request, following these steps will quickly help us diagnose the issue and enable us to provide you with assistance as quickly as possible:

  1. Take a screenshot
    Are you receiving any errors? Are parts of your Briefcase installation behaving incorrectly? If so, please take a screenshot of the error or window that is causing difficulty and ensure you attach this to your support ticket. We recommend you take a screenshot of the full window, not just the error, so we can see the context of the issue. If you're unsure as to how to take a screenshot, click here for a detailed guide (external link).
  2. Check with other Briefcase users
    Are any of your colleagues experiencing the same issue? If not, it may be a technical issue on your computer. The best ways we diagnose these are with the following questions:
    • Which Operating System are you currently running? e.g. Mac OS X 10.9.2
    • Which version of Briefcase are you using? e.g. Briefcase Private Host V5.3
    • Have you recently made any changes to your computer?
  3. Outline the Steps you took to recreate the error
    If you've tried to close and re-open both Briefcase and FileMaker and continue to experience the issue, outline the steps that you have taken to recreate it. This will help us understand your process and any contributing factors. It can also quickly help us identify what further information may be required to solve the problem.
  4. Send us a support ticket
    Once you've got the above prepared, you are ready to send us a support ticket. Please include as much information as possible. We appreciate your helpful comments. As a guide: the less information you include, the greater the time it will take to resolve your issue.

Once received, we will respond to you ASAP with details as to how best resolve your query.

Should we need to speak with you directly, we will organize a mutually suitable time to ensure that both parties are available.