The dashboard is the first thing you will see when you open briefcase. In this video you will learn more about how to quickly see tasks at a glance.

Getting Started

In Briefcase the job always come first! This video will cover why and also demonstrate the basics of creating and working on Jobs.

Master & Sub-jobs

In this video, We'll cover using Master and Sub-jobs in Briefcase. Master & Sub-jobs can be used to manage campaign or project phases, and are also a great way to manage the work that goes into a retainer each month.

Adding time on the Dashboard

In this video, we'll be covering how users can add time to the Dashboard. We'll also cover how to add time to previously scheduled items.


In this video, we'll be covering the process to scheduled tasks for users via the Dashboard.

Resource Scheduling

This video shows how you can schedule across multiple resources or by staff member via the tasks tab.