The dashboard is the first thing you will see when you open briefcase. In this video you will learn more about how to quickly see jobs, milestones, and tasks at a glance and will also cover quickly logging your notes and time.

Job Basics

In Briefcase the job always come first! This video will cover why and also demonstrate the basics of creating and working on Jobs.


Estimates in Briefcase are quick and easy! This video will cover creating and sending estimates and will focus on how you can add multiple options and easily add line items to your estimate using the Rates Matrix.


Briefcase makes managing workloads a breeze! This video will cover how to plan milestones and tasks in preparation for Scheduling.


This video will cover how to schedules jobs and tasks onto a team members timeline. This video will cover job handles, default times and job progress bar.


This video will cover the different ways to invoice work and will also cover using billable items from Estimates, Purchases and Time in your invoices.