About Briefcase

As a business we are very passionate and take great pride in our work. A positive and non-compromising customer experience is of equal importance to us as it is to all of our clients. Over the years we have established a very strong customer base within the creative industry, of which we are very proud. We are confident that many of our happy clients will attest to their own positive experiences and our outstanding level of customer service.

We believe that we have the intimate industry experience to really understand your business needs from both an operational and management perspective. With a range of diverse business skills including creative design, advertising, print, media and software development when combined with business and leadership roles at senior levels, we can evaluate your requirements from many different angles and view points.

Unlike many of our competitors, we perform all our development work in-house. Because of the flexible nature of the Briefcase Software Platform we are able to provide custom built solutions to meet many specific requirements.

We can evaluate, understand and design the solutions you require whilst achieving them within agreed time frames and budget constraints.

The Briefcase business encompasses much more than just an off the shelf software solution. Due to our wide-ranging, professional business backgrounds, we are often requested to assist in driving systemic changes by providing both business and educational consultancy services in key areas including.

  • Development and Implementation of Processes and Procedures
  • Design of Operational and Management Tools and Key responsibilities
  • Development and Implementation of Key Performance Indicators
  • Staff Training and Education
  • Time Management
  • Client Services and Relationships
  • Business Planning and Modeling