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Plans and Pricing

Briefcase is available in the cloud or on your own private server. Most clients opt for our cloud service because it requires no setup and users can access Briefcase anywhere without having to configure a server. Our private server option is ideal for environments where internet access is restricted by an IT department.

Briefcase Cloud

Briefcase Cloud is ideal for small to medium user groups. Briefcase Cloud provides access to your data in the cloud via your Briefcase client software, there is no requirement to install and maintain server software. The system can only be accessed and used whilst you have internet connection available and system speed will be similar or equivalent to loading a data driven web page.

$30 USD

per user / month, inc tax

Free Trial

Briefcase Private Server

Installed and run locally on your own private server. Private servers when accessed locally are not limited by internet speed so users can expect almost instant response times. You will be able choose the timing and back up locations for your data and your business will not be reliant upon the availability or reliability of your internet service or insufficient internet band width.

What are the trial restrictions?

The trial download is functional for 30 days, at the end of the trial period your data will be erased from our servers unless you choose to subscribe.

Will I be locked into a contract?

Our subscription fees are paid in advance, so there is no commitment to renew you can cancel at the end of a subscription period.

Is Briefcase Mac and Windows compatible?

Yes, Briefcase works on both Mac and Windows. Before signing up make sure you read the system requirements on our Implementation page.

Can I pay per year instead of month to month?

Yes, however during an annual subscription period licenses can be added but not removed. If the number of licenses you require varies over time, monthly payment is a better option.

Can I use my trial data if I decide to subscribe?

Yes, the data you enter in the trial will still be there if you choose to subscribe at the end of the trial period.

Is Briefcase a browser application?

No, Briefcase is an installed application which connects to a hosted database (on our servers or yours).

Can I access Briefcase offsite on the private server plan?

Yes, however if you host on a private server you must configure your router for offsite access. We can assist you with this at no cost.

How do I manage my subscription?

In Briefcase you can manage your account in the settings area under the subscription tab. Here you can manage users, update billing and view invoices.

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